Tarot by David

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Why should you choose to work with David?

There is a tarot reader on every corner.
Some are great and some not so great.


So what makes David different?

When David was 14 he dreamed of being a pastor.
He wanted to be a pastor because he believed then and still believes that the spiritual journey of the human experience is the most critical and the most essential.

He graduated seminary in 1985 with a Master of Divinity.
He served two youth pastorates and finally settled into adult spiritual education where he remained for 15 years.

During this time of service a change was taking place.
David was learning that the spiritual journey could be unique and personal.
David left organized religion and designed a spirituality and a life uniquely his own.
It is only when we embrace our unique gifts and talents that we learn to live instead of exist, to thrive instead of survive.

David did this and he can teach you to do the same.
He can move you from a day to day struggle to a life of promise and hope.

In 1997 David graduated with a second Masters, this one in education.
He served as the Human Resources Director for a large company for over twenty years. During that time he earned the prestigious Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) credential and the Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional credential.

What does that mean to you?

It means that in addition to his intuitive skill, David brings a wealth of real world expertise to the table to assist you in your life journey.

David is also a clairvoyant medium.
When he reads he calls upon your personal spirit guides for their assistance and direction.

Between his practical life experience and his years of intuitive mediumistic reading, David offers you the best of both worlds – the professional business world and the world of the psychic intuitive.

And David offers something else that very few offer.

If, after you have received your reading, you do not believe the reading has offered something of value, then David will fully refund what you paid for the reading.
David’s readings are guaranteed.

So why should you choose David?

Because David believes he can make a difference in your life, he has the practical, experiential, educational, and intuitive skills to do it, and he will refund your money if he doesn’t.

Contact David today for your reading.